Stockholm Syndrome

I'm in Stockholm this week singing Berlioz with the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra in the Berwaldhallen concert hall and also some Vaughan Williams, Gurney and Dylan with the Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble in a few bars around town. 

I like 'classical' music in unusual places and spaces. It could be an opera in a swimming pool inside a techno club in Berlin or a choir concert in a cave underground but until last night I hadn't sung a Bob Dylan song in a bar with a string quintet. 


Stockholm Syndrome Ensemble make it their mission to produce musical experiences that don't rely on the usual contexts and constraints of typical concert venues and expectations. Two nights ago it was Musikaliska with the first half on stage and the second below it in the bar. Last night it was the basement bar/mini cinema at a Japanese restaurant bar called BarBro


We thought we'd take the opportunity to get a few shots of them in a kitchen cupboard after the gig.